My name is Diamond King, filmmaker, videographer & photographer in Chicago!

What got me started in films was the way I would watch films, the way it would spark my soul and open me up to the endless possibilities of the different ways certain scenes could have been shot. The film genres that I enjoy is comedy, sci-fi, action/adventure, horror and anything with the use of violence to either tell a story or help the visual aspect.

My two inspirations would be Quentin Tarantino and Kurt Sutter, with their use of violence, storytelling, editing, camera work and character development.

I hope to one day I will be seen as one of the greats in the film industry who made classic, groundbreaking films that have people talking about it for years.

7 Kings Productions also provides services in photography, using a Canon Rebel T6. And overall, this company strives to provide great quality work in video and photo for all customers!

Established in 2014.